​​​​​Redbull flavors release party in 2013.
Did a monthly 2 hour down loadable mix for Monster Energy drink.
Part of the elite nationwide DJ touring group “The Party Crashers”.
Video and audio remixes Featured by various artist on YouTube, Podomatic, Mixcrate and SoundCloud.
2012 was asked by John Paul Mitchell to produce and remix the Las Vegas John Paul Mitchell Caper event video.
Over 50,000 total views of his Keenan Cahill video remixes on YouTube.
2012 Did Jen Bocain's Love don't love you video "club" remix for Sony records.
Credited by many DJ and producers in the industry for his multi layer mixing and cutting edge remixes for audio and video.
Has played over 7000 events.
Owner of his own bar/restaurant/nightclub in the Midwest.
Has played in over 200 different clubs in 42 states and 2 countries.
Recently toured with VDJ Radio hosts and played in the #1 night club in the US and 7th in the world in Atlantic City, Fort Lauderdale and Las Vegas.
JR is part of a elite set of DJ's (under 200 worldwide) that belong to Virtual DJ Worldwide Radio.
He broadcast weekly on channel 1 on Virtual DJ Worldwide Radio and has one of the the # 1 rated shows on the station.
Has an average of a 17% increase in listeners when he plays on Virtual DJ worldwide radio.
Played at Mobile Beat with the Hercules DJ company in 2013, Las Vegas NV.
2012 Guest DJ at Hard Rock hotel pool in Las Vegas.

2013 Played at the Las Vegas Riviera hotel and casino.
Wrote, arranged, co-produced and sang his 1st and 2nd album.
JR's 2nd album tracks City Lights, Bounce and Double Take are featured and available on Amazon and iTunes.
Performed multiple times on the Miller Lite stage at the pride fest music festival. 
Hundreds of audio and video remixes for various major artists over the span of years.
Respected as one of the elite Midwest DJ's.
Endorsed and recognized by Hercules DJ controllers, Monster energy drinks, Club Icon, Mulligans, Beamz controllers and Virtual DJ Radio.
2013 performed for Beamz interactive controllers and Hercules controllers in Atlantic City and Las Vegas multiple times.
2014 featured DJ at the Las Vegas Mobile beat DJ convention for the DJ takeover performance.
One of 3 featured DJ's nationwide for Beamz interactive and Hercules DJ controllers.
2014 was asked by CAD music to input on the product development for a new CAD DJ headphone product line.
2014/2015 was asked by Marshall headphones and Affliction clothing to produce mixes for their special promotional branding.
Summer of 2014/2015 was the featured concert DJ performer with Crazy Dave's Music and Hercules DJ controllers in Florida, Ohio, California, Virginia, Atlanta, Iowa. Washington, and North Carolina at the Crazy Dave's music experience for crowds between 50,000 and 120,000 thousand total people.



​​​​​​​Listen, Dance, repeat